Unique mink coat with Sakura inlay

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Our specialization is the production of unique fur and leather products. Atelier performs individual tailoring, taking into account all the wishes of the client. Every autumn-winter season a new collection is released that leaves no one indifferent.

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Fur coats and fur products

Fashion house Emil Shabaev offers a full range of services, tailoring to order and sale of finished products. With individual tailoring, the patterns are built taking into account the features of the figure, the type of product, size, variety, shade of fur and other materials are selected. Thus, the brand guarantees not only the perfect fit of the product, but also its uniqueness. One of the most demanded services that the studio provides is the cleaning of fur products without chemicals. It is such cleaning that helps to maintain the quality and durability of products, without causing any harm to the fur. The studio presents a wide variety of models that amaze with their impeccable quality and exceptional design, ranging from scarves and collars to leather jackets and full-length fur coats.

Here you can buy premium-class products from different types of rare and more popular auction fur, exotic leather brought to order. All products are sewn from leather and fur, processed on the best dressings of the world. The fur is bought at auctions such as NAFA, Saga and others.

The company of Emil Shabaev has its own, equipped with professional modern technology, production in Moscow. These are two independent workshops - leather and fur. The best professionals in our field, experienced professionals, time-tested, and most importantly, who put their hearts into each product, work in our production, because approximately 75% of our work is manual labor.

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